No Matter What Stage You’re At Our Team is Ready to Help


Our Team of educated experts can assist you throughout the planning stage to ensure all possible locations and avenues are explored when choosing your ideal security solution.

Frame Stage

During frame stage our team can visit you on site to walk you through each location and specific vantage point, ensuring you are well caught up with every step of our process.

New or Existing Build

Whether you’ve just built your new home or you have purchased an existing one our team of expert technician’s can come out and visit your property to enable both you and us to properly establish what systems will best suit your home and needs.


Commercial Builders and contractors looking at securing their premises can rest assure our team of experts are well prepared with years of experience working along side some of Melbourne’s best architects and designers to ensure no expense is missed when calculating risk assessment.


These are the most popular security solutions we provide for all new or existing sites throughout Melbourne, we can ensure team tracking with time sheet management to simplify the admin and weekly routine creating a streamless workflow to ease pressure off management.

Site CCTV can also help team leaders track, manage and eliminate potential hazards on site and ensure proper procedures are set in place to help assist and assess with any potential imminent hazard, our state of the art systems have many feature’s that can open a wide verity of options such as heat mapping, motion detection, face and motor vehicle differentiation with number plate readers.

Our alarm systems can be linked to smart tags to gain access to the correct staff to different locations of any facility and also can be tracked with time management to ensure there is no unauthorized access after or before hours. these systems can also be linked to smoke detectors and emergency exists to notify the correct authorities if something was to go wrong.

    Retail Security

    Architectural influence

    Our expert technicians and sales teams ensure proper placement of every system we install in retail stores to match the décor and also the retail brand we are installing for.

    Site Safety and inductions

    With years of experience in the retail space our technicians have been through thorough checks and inductions to ensure they are meeting all safety standards set out by WorkSafe Australia to be able to work onsite along side all contractors and trades alike.

    Staff Security & Safety

    We ensure that every aspect of your teams safety is put into perspective when we assess and offer our security solutions, with time sheet management, door lock automation, cctv smart AI face detection and tracking we can offer multiple solutions to help protect your business.